About the Webinar

Background and Focus

The Justice Research Institute’s Law and Policy webinar series is a unique event for sharing knowledge, experiences, and information around socio-economic issues to address common governance challenges that confront the country. The goal is to have intellectuals share information, discuss ideas and proffer solutions for some of the critical issues facing the nation with the outcomes from each webinar shaping policy development and government’s interventions in the sector. As one of the few events in Nigeria that will bring together policy makers, academics, private sector, policy analysts, major stakeholders in the focal sector and citizens, the Law and Policy webinar series will serve as a platform to feel the pulse of the nation, evaluate the effects of the government’s policies and foster public discourse with the sole aim of influencing policy at every level of government.

Objectives of the webinar

The objectives of the webinar series include:

  • Provide a platform to evaluate the effect of Government policies as it relates to the focal sector.
  • Provide a platform for deep engagement between the academia and captains of industries, legal practitioners, policy analysts, the public and policymakers from every level of Government.
  • Provide policymakers with information and data to influence policy development and Government’s interventions.
  • Provide content for a Law and Policy Journal to be disseminated globally.

Expected Results and Activities

  • A consensus on the way forward in reforming Government policies as it relates to the focal sector.
  • A call for articles, which engage the outcomes of the webinar with the view to examine the practicability and policy implementation of the proposed reforms within the focal sector. The selected articles will be published in the JRI’s Journal of Law and Policy, a peer-reviewed journal that documents contribution of intellectuals on critically salient issues.